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Treadmill Desks: A One-Year Prospective Trial
Gabriel Koepp, Chinmay Manohar, Shelly McCrady-Spitzer, Avner Ben-Ner, Darla Flint-Paulson, Carlisle F. Runge, James Levine
Obesity, Accepted November 2012. doi: 10.1002/oby.20121, 2013

The Shadow Value of Groundwater in Punjab, India: An Analysis in an Economy-Wide Context
Harumi Nelson, Terry Roe, Rodney Smith, Diego Ponce de León Baridó, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
Institute on the Environment Discovery Grant DG-0014-11, White Paper 2

What the Eurozone Problem Means for U.S. Agricultural Export
Mathew Shane, Terry Roe
Choices 2nd Quarter 28(2): 1-6

Measuring Structural Change: The Case of China, Malaysia and Ghana
Thaddée Badibanga, Xinshen Diao, Terry Roe, Agapi Somwaru
The Journal of Developing Areas, 47(1)(Spring): 373-393

Does International Child Sponsorship Work? A Six-Country Study of Impacts on Adult Life Outcomes
Bruce Wydick, Paul Glewwe, Laine Rutledge
Journal of Political Economy, 121(2)(April): 393-436

Does Information on Health Status Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle? Evidence from China on the Effect of Hypertension Diagnosis on Food Consumption
Meng Zhao, Yoshifumi Konishi, Paul Glewwe
Journal of Health Economics, 32: 367-385

The Impact of School Quality, Socioeconomic Factors, and Child Health on Students' Academic Performance: Evidence from Sri Lankan Primary Schools
Harsha Aturupane, Paul Glewwe, Suzanne Wisniewski
Education Economics, 21(1)(February): 2-37

Globalization, Macroeconomic Imbalances and South America's Potential to be the World's Food Basket
Terry Roe, Munisamy Gopinath
International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium

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Macroeconomic Imbalances in the World Economy
Terry Roe, Mathew Shane, Kari Heerman
Working Paper WP11-1

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Surface water irrigation management in northern China in the past decade: Development and assessment
Qiuqiong Huang, Scott Rozelle, Jinxia Wang, William Easter
A working paper.

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Water Management Institutional Reform: A Representative Look at Northern China
Qiuqiong Huang, Scott Rozelle, Jixia Wang and Jikun Huang
Agricultural Water Management 96(2): 215- 225.

Health as a Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment: A Country-level Analysis
Jingzhe Xu
M.S. Plan B paper, October 2008.
Hard copy available in Waite Library, Classroom Office Building, St. Paul Campus

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Agriculture of Corruption
C. Ford Runge

The Economic Consequences of the Obese
C. Ford Runge
Working Paper WP07-1

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Making the Farm / School Connection: Opportunities and Barriers to Greater Use of Locally-grown Produce in Public Schools
JoAnne Berkenkamp

Papers from the 10th Joint Conference on Food, Agriculture and the Environment
Duluth, Minnesota, August 27-30, 2006

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Minnesota Agriculture in the New Millenium
C. Ford Runge
Working Paper WP05-1

Analyzing Health Innovations in a School Lunch Program
Corbett Grainger, Benjamin Senauer and C. Ford Runge
Working Paper WP05-2

U.S. Farm Policy - At a Crossroads? The 2007 Farm Bill and the Doha Round
Clayton Yeutter
Working Paper WP05-3

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Evolution of the Economic Results and the Structure of Farms: An Analysis Through the Book-Keeping Data in Central and Northern Italy
Maurizio Canavari, Rino Ghelfi, Maurizio Merlo, Sergio Rivaroli, Danio Sarti, Giovanna Toffanin, and Pietro Vanelli
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

Sustainability and Enclosure: Land, Intellectual Property and Biotechnology
C. Ford Runge
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

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Private Uses Versus Public Interests in the Management of Venetian Villas: A Multicriteria Approach
Chiara D'Alpaos and Valentina Zanatta
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

Water Resource Management (WRM) in the Veneto Region: A Historical Perspective.
Paolo Rosata and Giuseppe Stellin
Working paper WP03-05 / 2003
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

A Methodology for Valuing Multiple-Exercise Option Contracts for Water.
Michele Villinski
Working paper WP03-04 / 2003
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

Investigating Preferences for Environment Friendly Production Practices: Taste Segments for Organic and Integrated Crop Management in Italian Households.
Riccardo Scarpa, Fiorenza Spalatro and Maurizio Canavari
Working paper WP03-03 / 2003
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

Organic Meat in Italy: Situation and Perspectives on the Light of the Experience of a Small Group of Firms Located in the Veneto Region.
Luigi Galletto
Working paper WP03-02 / 2003
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

The Food System in Transition: An E.U. Perspective.
Luciano Venturini
Working paper WP03-01 / 2003
Electronic distribution only on AgEcon Search

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