Workshops & Training


  • Special Conference on Education Policy in Developing Countries -- held at the University of Minnesota, February 4-5, 2011. This conference was organized by Paul Glewwe. Total Cost: $11,825.
  •   Trade and Development Seminar Speakers for Fall of 2010 and Spring of 2011:
    • Miguel Urquiola (Colombia U.). Presented on October 22, 2010. Travel costs: $798.
    • Ken Leonard (U. of Maryland). Presented on October 29, 2010. Travel costs: $576.
    • Marianne Bertrand (U. of Chicago). Presented on December 3, 2010. Travel costs: $413.
    • Craig McIntosh (UC San Diego). Presented on February 18, 2011. Travel costs: $635.
    • Isaac Mbiti (Southern Methodist U.). Presented on April 1, 2011. Travel costs: $489.
  • Raup Lecture. October 6, 2010. “Agricultural Innovation in Africa.” Presented by Calestous Juma (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard).
  • Minnesota-Italy Research Conference. Padova. Seven Applied Economics Faculty Attended. Six were subsidized partially subsidized ($750), for a total cost of $4,500.


  • 7th Annual Midwest International Economic Development Conference (MIEDC), held at the University of Minnesota, April 16-17, 2010. Invited speaker: Esther Duflo (MIT). Total Cost: $10,508.
  •  Trade and Development Seminar Speakers for Fall of 2009 and Spring of 2010:
    • David McKenzie (World Bank). Presented on October 9, 2009. Travel costs: $1180.
    • Dilip Mookherjee (Boston Univ.). Presented on December 4, 2009. Travel costs: $911.
    • Scott Rozelle (Stanford). Presented on December 11, 2009. Travel costs: $713.
    • Karthik Muralidharan (UC San Diego). Presented on April 8, 2010. Travel costs: $144.
  • Cochrane Lecture. January 21, 2010. “Making Sense of Copenhagen: Toward a More Effective Policy on Global Warming.” David G. Victor, Professor, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies and Director, International Law and Regulation Laboratory at the University of California-San Diego.


  • Food Scarcity Conference -- $5000 was spent to sponsor, jointly with The Food Industry Center, a one-day conference at the University of Minnesota entitled “Future Food Scarcity: Global Causes and Local Consequences”, which was held October 23, 2008. The conference had about 120 attendees and feedback has been very favorable.
  • Trade and Development Seminar Speakers for Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009:
    • Hanan Jacoby (World Bank). Presented on October 17, 2008. Travel costs: $829.
    • Andrew Foster (Brown Univ.). Presented on October 24, 2008. Travel costs: $1052.
    • Dean Karlan (Yale). Presented on November 7, 2008. Travel costs: $884.
    • Insan Tunali (Koc University). Presented on April 10, 2009. Travel costs: $501.
    • Vernon Henderson (Brown Univ.). Presented on April 17, 2008. Travel costs: $577.
    • Jim Sallee (U. of Chicago). Presented on April 20, 2009. Travel costs: $300.
  • 6th Annual Midwest International Economic Development Conference (MIEDC), held at the University of Minnesota, May 1-2, 2009. Invited speaker: James Robinson (Harvard). Total Cost: $10,909.
  • In May of 2009, professors Claudia Parliament and Tade Okediji led seven graduate students on a trip to meet and interact with faculty and graduate students at the University of the Free State in South Africa. CIFAP provided $1500 for each of the seven graduate students, plus $1000 for Professor Okediji, for a total cost of $12,500. The seven participating graduate students were David Bael, Theresa Bauer, Daniel Hawes, Jaya Jha, Phatta Kirdruang, Clint Pecenka and Uttam Sharma.

    A PowerPoint presentation about the trip available here (22.2 MB)

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  • Professor Steve Taff traveled to Italy to plan future joint conference in Italy in 2009 (University of Minnesota and University of Padova). April, 2008. Prof. Taff brought to the faculty at the University of Padova a signed agreement extending our cooperative agreement for another six years.
  • Hosted Professors Herman van Schalkwyk and Izak Groenewald (University of the Free State, South Africa), to discuss future collaboration between the Faculty of Agriculture in that University and the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, June 18-20, 2008. During their visit an agreement was signed extending cooperative activities for another five years.

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  • The U.S.-Italy Joint Conference on Agriculture, Trade and the Environment in Duluth, Minnesota in August, 2006, involving over 45 faculty and students over three days, was entirely financed from FY 2005-2006 carryover funds ($30,000). This was the 10th such conference with our Italian colleagues.
  • Now in its third year, the Minnesota International Development Conference was held at the University McNamara Alumni Center. CIFAP provided $10,000 in support, and pledged $1,500 more to secure the McNamara Center for the 2007 spring conference.
  • Support was granted to support a symposium on trade and agriculture honoring the retirement of G. Edward Schuh ($7,000).

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  • With leadership from C. Ford Runge, Ben Senauer, Jean Kinsey and Phil Pardey, CIFAP helped initiate four new lecture series in the Department of Applied Economics. Two of these, largely funded by CIFAP, are the Willard W. Cochrane Lecture in Public Policy, and the Philip M. Raup Lecture in Land and Environmental Policy. The first Cochrane Lecture was delivered on November 30, 2005 by Clayton Yeutter, former U.S. Trade Representative and former Secretary of Agriculture. His lecture, “The Farm Bill and the Doha Round” was published as a CIFAP Working Paper. The Raup lecture was given on March 9, 2006 by Emery Castle, former President of Resources for the Future in Washington, D.C. His lecture was, “The Separation of Powers – Federal, State, Local – and Environmental Public Policy.” Total CIFAP support for the two lectures was $5,000.
  • In April, 2006, Paul Glewwe again organized a successful Minnesota International Economic Development Conference in Minneapolis. Over 100 people from the University of Minnesota and 15-20 other institutions attended. CIFAP provided support for the conference in an amount of $8,000.
  • The collaborative project organized by C. Ford Runge and Ben Senauer on Obesity and School Lunch Programs neared completion, with CIFAP funding for Barb Wagner complementing the end of grant support from the Cargill Foundation ($50,000) and McKnight Foundation ($85,000).
  • With leadership from Rodney Smith, Terry Roe and Bill Easter continued to build relations with the University of the Free State and Pretoria University in South Africa. A review of the Free State program and evaluation helped create funding to the Free State from EU and the government of South Africa. Interest has also been shown by the MacArthur Program at the University of Minnesota.
  • Regent’s professor and Freeman Chair G. Edward Schuh is returning to an office in the Department to work with CIFAP and the Department of Applied Economics.

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  • CIFAP supported the second Minnesota Economic Development Conference organized by Paul Glewwe, April 29-30, 2005, with a grant of $8,000. There were 100 attendees and the event was successful. It will be held again in 2006.
  • CIFAP developed and began implementing a project with the Hopkins Public Schools’ innovative school feeding programs. Gifts and grants in support of the project were procured from the Cargill Foundation ($50,000) and the McKnight Foundation ($85,000). Three M.S. students and one Ph.D. student were supported as part of this effort (see Student Support).
  • CIFAP helped organize and participated in the 9th Minnesota/Italy Conference on Food, Agriculture and the Environment, in Conegliano, near Treviso, Italy. Published conference proceedings have just been released.
  • Claudia Parliament, with CIFAP support, conducted a fact finding tour in the Free State Province of South Africa in January, 2005. She offered two workshops for teachers and ministry officials in July, 2005.

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  • CIFAP co-sponsored, with The Food Industry Center, a Healthy Living conference on obesity issues in October, 2003 which drew national experts, industry, and academics to the University of Minnesota.
  • CIFAP sponsored and Paul Glewwe organized the first of a continuing series of 2-day Minnesota Economic Development Conferences, April 30-May 1, 2004.
  • CIFAP organized and supported several seminars jointly with the Health Economics and Policy Group in the School of Public Health. The first, by Tomas Philipson of the University of Chicago, was held on November 21, 2003. A second seminar, by CEO Lois Quam of Ovations, was held on February 24, 2004.
  • CIFAP co-sponsored a workshop in Beijing in June, 2004 to launch a joint research program with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Don Liu, Phil Pardey and Jay Coggins attended.
  • CIFAP co-sponsored a workshop in Blomfontein, South Africa in August, 2003 on “Key Elements of an Economic Growth and Agricultural Strategy for Africa.” Terry Roe, Phil Pardey, Glenn Pederson, Rodney Smith and Bill Easter presented.

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