All-University Award for Global Engagement

University of Minnesota, 2010-2011

Awarded to: Claudia Parliament

Distinguished Faculty Award

CFANS Alumni Society, 2009-2010

Awarded to: Brian Buhr

Outstanding Review of Agricultural Economics Article

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2008-2009

Awarded to: Ben Senauer, Ford Runge and Barbara Wagner for "An Empirical Analysis of and Policy Recommendations to Improve the Nutritional Quality of School Meals"

Abe Fellow

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnerships, 2008-2009

Awarded to: Rodney Smith

International Award for Outstanding and Dedicated Service and Leadership

National Association of Economic Educators & National Council on Economic Education, 2008-2009

Awarded to: Claudia Parliament

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate and Professional Education

University of Minnesota, Alumni Association, 2008-2009

Awarded to: Terry Roe

Distinguished Teaching Award (Tenure Category)

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Awards, 2006-2007

Awarded to: Brian Buhr

AAEA Fellow

American Agricultural Economics Association Awards, 2006-2007

Awarded to: Philip Pardey

Hat's Off Award

University of Minnesota Alumni Association, 2006-2007

Awarded to: Robert King

Distinguished Fellow

Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, 2006-2007

Awarded to: Philip Pardey

As well as their Quality of Communication Award with Julian Alston and Roley Piggot for book titled: Agricultural R&D in the Developing Country: Too Little, Too Late?

Vision Award

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, 2006-2007

Awarded to: Claudia Parliament

Best Paper Award, 2004

Food Distribution Research Society

Awarded to: Rob King and Timothy Park for their paper, "Modeling Productivity in Supermarket Operations: Incorporating the Impacts of Store Characteristics and Information Technologies." (Journal of Food Distribution Research, July 2004)

Outstanding Journal Article Award

Western Agricultural Economics Association

Awarded to: Terrence Hurley and Ben Senauer for their article, "Bt Corn and Insect Resistance: An Economic Assessment of Refuges." (Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2001)

Outstanding Journal Article Award

Western Agricultural Economics Association

Awarded to: Ben Senauer and Mona Sur for their article, "Ending World Hunger in the 21st Century: Projections of the Number of Food Insecure People." (Review of Agricultural Economics, 2001)